Privacy News and Views for July 7, 2017 (The ICYMI Edition)

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This week’s edition of Privacy  News and Views  covers the past two weeks of privacy news, due to a hiatus for  ALA’s Annual Conference and the Fourth of July holiday.

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Government Surveillance

How the government can read your email | Politico

Spy agencies seek permanent authority for contested surveillance program | Washington Post

The Supreme Court Phone Location Case Will Decide the Future of Privacy | Motherboard

Color of Surveillance Conference Highlights Monitoring of Immigrant Communities  | Free Press

DHS Is Starting to Scan Americans’ Faces Before They Get on International Flights | Slate

Corporate Surveillance

Internet Privacy Policies: Who Has a Right to Your Data? | Consumer Reports

Before You Hit ‘Submit,’ This Company Has Already Logged Your Personal Data | Gizmodo

FTC Halts Operation That Unlawfully Shared and Sold Consumers’ Sensitive Data | Federal Trade Commission

Libraries and Privacy

Omaha libraries loosen security footage policy for police  | Omaha World Herald

TSA and Reader Privacy

New TSA Policy May Lead to Increased Scrutiny of Reading Material  | American Civil Liberties Union

TSA Considers Forcing You To Take Books Out Of Your Carry-on Luggage  The Hill

Hands off my books, TSA. And leave my cookies alone.  | Sacramento Bee

Remove your shoes … and your books | Times Higher Education

TSA Doesn’t Want Your Books | Inside Higher Ed

TSA ends test of separate screening for books | CBLDF


Online Reviewers Face Feds Over Right to Stay Anonymous | Wall Street Journal

Geolocation / Tracking

Illinois “Geolocation Privacy Protection Act” Passes Both Houses, Headed to Governor’s Desk | Lexology

Illinois: Geolocation Privacy Protection Act “among the first of its kind” |  DataGuidance

Broadband Privacy

Why almost every state is partially or fully rebuffing Trump’s election commission | Washington Post

California bill aims to revive broadband privacy rules that were killed by Trump and Congress  Los Angeles Times

Trump took away your internet privacy. A California legislator wants to give it back  Sacramento Bee

Blackburn privacy bill hits Democratic wall Politico

Student and Minors’ Privacy

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule: A Six-Step Compliance Plan for Your Business  | Federal Trade Commission

Complying with COPPA: FTC Releases Updated Six-Step Compliance Plan for Businesses | Lexology

Data Breach Response Training Kit | U.S. Department of Education

In Rhode Island, Some Schools Think They Have the Right to Spy on Students With School Laptops |  ACLU of Rhode Island


Let’s Encrypt brings free wildcard certificates to the web |  xdnet

Australia advocates weakening strong crypto at upcoming “Five Eyes” meeting | Ars Technica

Five Eyes agree to engage with industry on terrorists’ use of encryption | The Globe and Mail

Perils of Back Door Encryption Mandates | Human Rights Watch

What If Apple Is Wrong? | MIT Technology Review

This Week in Data Breaches

Email Phishing Scam Causes UC Davis Health Data Breach  | CBS Sacramento

Hacker Steals Millions of Accounts from Internet Radio Service 8tracks | Motherboard

Massive WWE Leak Exposes 3 Million Wrestling Fans’ Addresses, Ethnicities And More  Forbes

Loews Hotels Warns Customers of Data Breach  NBC10

Texas Association of School Boards Data Breach Exposes Teachers’ Social Security Numbers  Government Technology

Indiana Medicaid patients warned of possible data breach | The Indy Channel

The Medicare machine: patient details of ‘any Australian’ for sale on darknet  | The Guardian

A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says | Washington Post

Privacy News and Views, June 11 – 17

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Privacy @ ALA Annual 2017 | Choose Privacy Week

The Color of Surveillance: Government Monitoring of American Immigrants |  Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology
A live workshop on June 22, 2017 with available livestream

Libraries and Privacy

Privacy vs. Security:Council debates merits of library video surveillance system | Planet Princeton (NJ)

Woman says librarians know who hit her car but can’t tell her | WSB-TV (GA)

Government Surveillance

Opposing Trump, conservative bloc demands reforms to internet spy law  | Reuters

Senate Considers Potential Changes to ECPA to Ease Access to Electronic Data Across Borders | National Law Review

Company Lost Secret 2014 Fight Over ‘Expansion’ of N.S.A. Surveillance | The New York Times

Hands off my books, TSA. And leave my cookies alone.  | Sacramento Bee

FISA Court Releases 18 Opinions Regarding Section 702 | Lawfare

Consumer Surveillance

Database Marketing and the Tragedy of the Commons  | The Scholarly Kitchen

Consumers Uncomfortable With Smart TV Data Collection: Survey  Multichannel News


Ending The Endless Crypto Debate: Three Things We Should Be Arguing About Instead of Encryption Backdoors  | Lawfare

Biometric Privacy

Former Mariano’s employee sues over fingerprint data | Crain’s Chicago Business

 Essays and Scholarship

Online Privacy and the Invisible Market for Our Data | Penn State Law Review, 2016, Forthcoming via SSRN

We Californians have a right to privacy. But what does it mean in the digital age?  | Sacramento Bee

The Digital Privacy Paradox: Small Money, Small Costs, Small Talk  | National Bureau of Economic Research (fee for download)

This Week in Data Breaches

Credit Card Info Stolen From 12 Restaurants Nationwide  | Beachwood Patch

One million people affected by WSU data breach  | KUOW

Georgia official discounts threat of exposed voter records  | Seattle Times

Privacy News and Views, June 3 – 10

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Privacy @ ALA Annual 2017 | Choose Privacy Week

FTC Announces Third PrivacyCon, Calls for Presentations | FTC

Government Surveillance

U.S. Supreme Court to settle major cellphone privacy case | Reuters

Supreme Court Will Decide If Your Mobile Phone Location Data Is Private | Consumer Reports

Privacy in the cellphone age | New York Times (editorial)

Intel agencies want to make the most controversial foreign surveillance rule permanent | TechCrunch

Trump backs permanent snooping powers he once criticized as abusive | Washington Times

Key Vote NO on Sponsor, Cosponsors of S. 1297  FreedomWorks

The actual privacy news from that 702 hearing | IAPP

We Have Good Reasons to Be Concerned About the Impact of Section 702 on the Criminal Justice System  | Just Security

Lawmakers demand more information and privacy protections before reauthorizing FISA snooping powers| Washington Times

NSA Reneges on Promise to Tell Congress How Many Innocent Americans it Spies On |

Trump administration rolls out social media vetting of visa applicants | Ars Technica

Cellphone privacy: Homeland Security chief acknowledges searches of U.S. citizens’ devices | Newsweek

Corporate Surveillance

Digital privacy is making antitrust exciting again | Wired

Why smartphone security is a luxury for those who can afford it | CNN Money

Broadband Privacy

The BROWSER Act: A privacy misstep  | Tech Policy Daily

BROWSER Act Aims to Replace Invalidated FCC Privacy Rules: Balancing Rights of Web Surfers Equally and Responsibly | National Law Review

Students’ & Minors’ Privacy

The datafied child: The dataveillance of children and implications for their rights | New Media and Society

Confessions of a privacy novice: I gave my students’ privacy to Google | Intellectual Freedom Blog

Health and Medical Privacy

Undermining Genetic Privacy? Employee Wellness Programs and the Law |  New England Journal of Medicine

Proposed Law Opens the Door to Genetic Discrimination |  Medscape


Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters | C|Net

Biometric Privacy

Washington has become the third state to pass biometrics privacy law  | BiometricUpdate.Com

International Privacy

EU E-Communications Draft Law Doesn’t Protect Privacy: European Parliament Study |  Bloomberg BNA

Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack | The Independent

Theresa May doesn’t rule out regulating the internet like China: ‘Let’s work with the companies’ | The Independent

Callan: We can’t censor our way out of terrorism | CNN

Privacy campaigners are outraged with Theresa May’s ‘draconian’ internet regulation plans |Business Insider

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s plans on terror: they are wrong (Editorial) | The Guardian

Essays and Scholarship

Internet surveillance, regulation, and chilling effects online: a comparative case study | Internet Policy Review

This Week In Data Breaches

GameStop warns customers of potential data breach| WMUR9.c0m

Nearly 600 Delaware child services cards compromised in Kmart data breach |

2,500 Mothers’ and Newborns’ Personal and Health Information Lost in the Mail | Data Privacy + Security Insider