Programming for Libraries

Libraries across the country will be participating in Choose Privacy Week by hosting events and activities to raise awareness and engage library users on privacy issues.

This page provides links to tools and tips that will help make your efforts effective and inspiring.  For current tips and ideas, you can view this year’s Choose Privacy Week programming webinar via this link, at no charge:

Privacy Videos: We encourage libraries to host events featuring one of the Choose Privacy Week documentaries during Choose Privacy Week and to link or embed them on library websites or social networking sites.

  • The Choose Privacy Week documentary features youth, parents, librarians, and citizens discussing privacy in a digital age, with commentary by author Neil Gaiman and constitutional law scholar Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago. The video is also available for purchase (at only $5!) as a DVD through the ALA Store. A brief trailer for the video is available online along with a Video Study Guide that includes discussion topics and background information, a viewer survey, and a handout with 8 questions that can be copied and distributed.
  • Vanishing Liberties: The Rise of State Surveillance in the Digital Age”examines the government’s growing use and abuse of surveillance tools to track and spy on immigrant communities and the proposals to adopt these same tools to monitor and track the activities of all Americans.
  • Data Mining, Government Surveillance, and Civil Liberties features Michael German,senior policy counsel for national security and privacy for the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, discussing how government agencies and corporations are collecting, storing, and using data about individuals’ daily lives. Mr. German previously served as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation specializing in domestic terrorism and covert operations.

Choose Privacy Week Resource Guide: Key resource for libraries to engage users. This page includes links to materials available for free download, including school library lesson plans.

Civic Engagement Materials: Tools for libraries to moderate community discussions on privacy. This page includes free downloadable PDF guides for hosting a community forum.

Promotional Materials: Purchase posters, bookmarks, buttons, and resource guide.

One-page Privacy Handout: Sample handout for communicating library privacy policies to users.

Privacy Handout: Protecting Your Privacy on Public Access Computers: A Tip Sheet for Consumers Handout to share with public access computer users

WordSearch: Free downloadable PDF word search, focusing on “Computers and Privacy.“ Simple and easy tool for libraries to offer as part of Choose Privacy Week.

Programming Ideas: Share ideas and best practices for library programs on privacy

Web Banners and Graphics: Add web badges and banners to your library’s website

Position Paper and Press Materials: ALA resources on key privacy issues today