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Privacy News and Views for March 9

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Privacy at the Margins | International Journal of Communications
“Privacy is considered a human right, but achieving privacy in a networked age requires a certain level of privilege. This Special Section on Privacy at the Margins brings together nine original social science papers and an editorial introduction to reveal the complex dynamics—such as coercion and consent—that underpin a range of privacy experiences around the world.”

Government and Corporate Surveillance

The Justice Department Is Trying To Keep The Secret Surveillance Court As Secret As Possible | BuzzFeed

Russian Influence Campaign Extracted Americans’ Personal Data | Wall Street Journal

MoviePass CEO proudly says the app tracks your location before and after movies | TechCrunch

Your Data Is Crucial to a Robotic Age. Shouldn’t You Be Paid for It? | New York Times

The Geek Squad Is a Bunch of Narcs | Slate

Amazon Partnership With British Police Alarms Privacy Advocates | The Intercept (Britain)

Palantir Has Secretly Been Using New Orleans To Test Its Predictive Policing Technology | The Verge

Libraries and Privacy

We can, but should we? | American Libraries

“Imagine having access to information about every one of your community members and whether and how they use the library. You could tailor your communications and target those who might need services the most …. While the possibilities of library data in learning analytics might be intriguing, the privacy implications are immense. “

A Peek at Famous Readers’ Borrowing Records From a Private New York Library | Atlas Obscura

Encryption & Crypto-Wars

The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence | Forbes

FBI again calls for magical solution to break into encrypted phones | Ars Technica

How Government Lost the Crypto Wars (At Least for Now) | Reason

Privacy Self-Defense

Twitter is public, but it could offer a lot more privacy | The Verge

Right to be Forgotten

How close is an American right-to-be-forgotten? | Forbes

Google Has Received 650,000 ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Requests Since 2014 | NPR

Law and Regulation

Data protection in Europe is about to transform: Here’s how | CNBC

German privacy ruling against Facebook highlights importance of GDPR | Computer Business Review

Chemerinsky: A quartet of Fourth Amendment cases to watch | ABA Journal

This Week in Data Breaches

This bill would make it easier for businesses to keep data breaches under wraps | Los Angeles Times

Data Breach At Fresno State Possibly Impacts 15,000 People | CBS SF Bay Area

Fresno State data breach, 15,000 affected | SC Media US

Privacy News and Views for March 2

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Privacy for Whom? | The New Inquiry

Two new books show that for the poor, privacy has never been on offer.

Government Surveillance

U.S. Supreme Court wrestles with Microsoft data privacy fight | Reuters

Europe seeks power to seize overseas data in challenge to tech giants | Reuters

Student Privacy/Libraries and Privacy

We can, but should we? When trends challenge our professional values | American Libraries

Corporate Surveillance

AI tool scans privacy notices to inform users on data collection | IAPP

Privacy Self-Defense

How to turn off Facebook’s face recognition features | Wired

Privacy Tip #128 – Basic Smartphone Settings to Thwart Hackers | Data Privacy & Security Insider

Encryption and Security

Apple Moves Chinese iCloud Encryption Keys to China, Worrying Privacy Advocates | Gizmodo

Law and Regulation

Bill seeking to protect consumers from Equifax-like data breach passes Unicameral | WJAG / Norfolk (NE)

 This Week in Data Breaches

Understanding Data Breaches as National Security Threats | Lawfare

Equifax finds an additional 2.4 million Americans impacted by 2017 breach | CNBC

Data breach may have put Pa. teachers’ personal information at risk | PennLive/Patriot-News (Harrisburg, PA)

ShopRite pharmacy security breach affects 10K customers |

Stolen laptop compromises data of Houston’s health plan | Health Data Management

Privacy News and Views for February 23

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This week’s Privacy News is a special double edition, due to travel schedules and ALA’s Midwinter Meeting.


The Future of Data Privacy: How two new European laws will help US libraries | American Libraries

Government Surveillance

Government spying on immigrants in America is now fair game. What next? | The Guardian

CLOUD Act Promotes Surveillance-Data Access Framework | Multichannel News

The CLOUD Act: A Dangerous Expansion of Police Snooping on Cross-Border Data | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Skydiving Without a Parachute: A Close Look at the CLOUD Act Shows It Lacks Essential Protections | Open Technology Institute

Corporate Surveillance

Amazon Go store offers quicker checkout for greater data collection | Brookings Institute

Connected Cars Will Run on Your Personal Data | Motherboard

Facebook’s tracking of non-users ruled illegal again | TechCrunch

Facebook has been sharing our data for months to help study income inequality | Ars Technica

What Do We Call a Data Breach That Isn’t a Breach? | Slate – Future Tense


Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ starting in July | The Verge

Encryption in the U.S.: Crypto Colloquium Outcomes Report | Access Now

Encryption keeps us safe. It must not be compromised with ‘backdoors’ | The Guardian

Right to be Forgotten

GDPR: A third of Brits say they will exercise right to be forgotten |

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation: Children |

Law and Regulation

Facebook personal data use and privacy settings ruled illegal by German court | The Guardian

Belgian court orders Facebook to stop tracking web users |

Bill would regulate use of your data | Daily Democrat (CA)

New rules on data protection pose compliance issues for firms (EU GDPR) | Irish Times

Neil Gorsuch is shaping up to be an unlikely defender of your privacy  | Vice

This Week in Data Breaches

Data breach exposes thousands of California state employees | (Santa Barbara, CA)

FedEx data breach: 119,000 passports or photo IDs found on unsecured server | Fox Business

Decatur County General Hospital warns 24K patients of data breach involving EHR server | Fierce Healthcare

Equifax data breach put more info at risk than consumers knew | CBS News