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One Scholar’s Answer

Atlantic writer Jathan Sadowski argues that we need to better understand the purpose and value of privacy in his discussion of legal scholar Julie Cohen’s new article, “What Privacy is For,“ which is forthcoming from the Harvard Law Review:

 “Even though the practices of many companies such as Facebook are legal, there is something disconcerting about them. Privacy should have a deeper purpose than the one ascribed to it by those who treat it as a currency to be traded for innovation, which in many circumstances seems to actually mean corporate interests. To protect our privacy, we need a better understanding of its purpose and why it is valuable.

That’s where Georgetown University law professor Julie E. Cohen comes in. In a forthcoming article for the Harvard Law Review, she lays out a strong argument that addresses the titular concern “What Privacy Is For.“ Her approach is fresh, and as technology critic Evgeny Morozov rightly tweeted, she wrote “the best paper on privacy theory you’ll get to read this year.“ (He was referring to 2012.)“

Full article:

Referenced Article: What Privacy is For
Julie E. Cohen
Harvard Law Review

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