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Privacy News and Views for February 2

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Reforming the U.S. Approach to Data Protection and Privacy | Council on Foreign Relations

Privacy at ALA Midwinter 2018 | OIF Blog

Government Surveillance

Americans Wanted More Privacy Protections. Congress Gave Them Fewer. | Slate

How to Get a Wiretap to Spy on Americans, and Why That Matters Now | New York Times

There Is No Good Reason for the Government to Scan People’s Faces as They Leave the Country | Slate

The New ‘Digital’ Sanctuaries | CityLab: “Cities that were at the forefront of limiting their own participation in aggressive federal immigration enforcement are now expanding the scope of their work: Protecting their residents from data-collection and surveillance, too.”

Data Privacy Day

Happy Data Privacy Day! A turning point for anonymity, privacy, and the tools that deliver them | BoingBoing

Data Privacy Day 2018: Data Breaches, Harm, and Culture | Bloomberg Law

Corporate Surveillance

Facebook reveals privacy principles for first time, helps users control access | The Guardian

An incredibly important paper on whether data can ever be “anonymized” and how we should handle release of large data-sets | BoingBoing

Equifax, still having problems computering, releases credit locking app that doesn’t | Ars Technica

Online Consumers Value Security Over Convenience: Study | Credit Union Times

The Google Arts & Culture App and the Rise of the “Coded Gaze” | The New Yorker

The Injustice of Algorithms | The New Republic

Privacy Self-Defense

Five digital security tools to protect your work and sources | Int”l Consortium of Investigative Journalists

How to manage your privacy on fitness apps | Wired

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Voice recordings, interconnected apps, and parental consent: An update on COPPA privacy compliance | Lexology

Law and Regulation

Carpenter v. United States Privacy Case Pushes Supreme Court to Decide Fourth Amendment Protections of Cell Phone Metadata | Lexology

Tougher privacy and data security protections coming to North Carolina | Lexology

This Week in Data Breaches

Oklahoma State Hack Compromises Half a Million Records | Data Privacy and Security Insider



Privacy at ALA Midwinter 2018

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Privacy at ALA Midwinter 2018

Are you interested in learning more about privacy and libraries at ALA’s 2018 Midwinter Meeting? 

Here is the current list of privacy-related  meetings and programs scheduled for Denver, Colorado:

Saturday, February 10

7:00 AM – 8:15 AM
Shore to Shore: How Europe’s New Data Privacy Laws Help U.S. Libraries
Sheraton Denver Downtown, Grand Ballroom I

Change is coming. On May 25, 2018, the European Union will activate the next evolution of privacy laws, known as the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR will introduce new requirements to ensure transparency of data collection, use and sharing by companies – as well as the right to obtain and control your own data and timely reporting of data breaches. Because of the global nature of information technologies and services, many aspects of GDPR will likely make their way into services within North America, bringing benefits to patrons on this shore as well.

Join Daniel Ayala, one of the information industry’s leading experts on data privacy, for an overview of GDPR, its implementation timeline, and how it can help change the privacy landscape in America. Daniel will also suggest some practical ways for libraries to educate their patrons on privacy and teach them how they can help keep their personal data safe and secure.

**Requires registration at:

Sunday, February 11

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) Privacy Subcommittee
Colorado Convention Center, Rm 206

Business and planning meeting for the Intellectual Freedom Committee’s Privacy Subcommittee.  On the agenda: planning for Choose Privacy Week 2018, redesign of the Choose Privacy Week website, and developing privacy guidelines for vendors, data analytics, and assistive technologies.  All are welcome.

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
LITA Patron Privacy and Open Source Systems Interest Groups Joint Meeting
Colorado Convention Center, Rm 712

A joint meeting with the LITA Patron Privacy Interest Group and the LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group.

4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Library Values & Privacy: Creating Frameworks for Practice
Colorado Convention Center, Rm 710

This session invites Midwinter attendees to explore the meaning of the library value of privacy in the digital world and help produce a series of field guides for librarians that clearly lay out important privacy and security issues. In this interactive session that builds on the “Privacy & Pizza” gathering held during ALA Annual 2017 in Chicago, participants will hear from a panel of privacy experts and then work to identify privacy issues in libraries and what is needed to address them. Panelists will include Bonnie Tijerina, librarian and researcher at Data & SocietyWilliam Marden, Chief Privacy Officer of the New York Public Library; and Erin Berman of the San Jose Public Library, one of the creators of San Jose’s Virtual Privacy Lab.  Michael Zimmer, Director of the Center for Information Policy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will moderate. Participants will be asked to give feedback on draft privacy field guides for libraries and on plans the Spring 2018 Library Values & Privacy Summit in New York City.

Other meetings and programs of interested in privacy, technology, and libraries: Intellectual Freedom Committee (multiple times); Intellectual Freedom Roundtable (2/11, 3:00 pm); OITP Advisory Committee (2/12, 8:30 am);  Committee on Professional Ethics (2/12, 1:30);  ACRL Professional Values Committee (Sunday, 1:00 p.m.);  NISO Update (2/10, 1:00 pm); Road Signs to the Future: What Trends Will Affect Your Library? (Symposium on the Future of Libraries) (2/11, 1:30 pm); LITA Top Technology Trends (2/11, 1:00 pm).