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Privacy News and Views for August 11

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Nevada Implements Law that Requires Notice for Collection of Personal Information | Data Privacy and Security Insider

Government Surveillance

What’s Wrong with Airport Face Recognition? | ACLU of Northern California

New Rule Exempts FBI From Disclosing Its Biometric Database To Americans |  International Business Times

Corporate Surveillance

Windows 10 privacy: You’re happy for us to collect your data, says Microsoft |  ZD Net

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

These 42 Disney apps are allegedly spying on your kids  | Washington Post

Geolocation Privacy

Supreme Court could take up Indiana case on police use of cell location data |  NWTimes Indiana

Biometric Privacy

Facebook Is Using an “NRA Approach” to Defend Its Creepy Facial Recognition Programs | Slate


The Man Who Wrote Those Password Rules Has a New Tip: N3v$r M1^d!  | Wall Street Journal

The attack on global privacy leaves few places to turn | Wired

Protect the white hat hackers who are just doing their jobs| Wired

Right to Delete/Right to be Forgotten

You could finally control your Facebook data if UK law is passed |  New Scientist

Personal data is the fuel of the digital economy. It is right that consumers should control it.| The Telegraph (UK)

Law and Regulation

At Long Last, a Sensible Internet of Things Security Bill Has Been Introduced in the Senate | Slate

A Federal Court Says Your Prescription Records Aren’t Really Private. The Supreme Court Might Have Something to Say About That. | ACLU

A peek at the FTC’s new privacy enforcement priorities | Lexology

This Week in Data Breaches

HBO hacker dumps more files and demands ransom payment  | Silicon Angle

Hackers leak ‘Game of Thrones’ stars’ phone numbers, demand ransom |  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Local teacher info shared in data breach |  Beaumont Enterprise

30,000 UCLA students, former students warned about potential security breach  | ABC7 Los Angeles

Privacy News and Views for August 4

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 Government Surveillance

Bipartisan Lawmakers Introduce Trio of Email Privacy Overhaul Bills  | Bloomberg

If the FBI has your biometrics, it doesn’t have to tell you | Nextgov

Biometric entry/exit tracking of US citizens  | The Identity Project

Invasive tech needs low-tech approach  | Detroit News

Corporate Surveillance

Verizon’s latest rewards program shares gobs of your data    Endgadget

Facebook: Your Face Belongs to Us  | The Daily Beast

U.S. senators to introduce bill to secure ‘internet of things’ | Reuters

Google’s new program to track shoppers sparks a federal privacy complaint  | Washington  Post

Cars Suck Up Data About You. Where Does It All Go?   The New York Times

Libraries and Privacy

Librarian confession: Library users improve my personal privacy habits | OIF Blog

Privacy Law and Regulation

New Jersey Passes Privacy Protection Act  | Lexology

Nevada enacts website privacy notice law | Lexology

State AGs Are Flexing Their Muscles to Protect Your Technology Privacy  | Lexology

First annual Privacy Shield review to take place in September 2017 | Lexology

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

COPPA and Schools: The (Other) Federal Student Privacy Law, Explained   | Education Week

FTC Approves Modifications to TRUSTe’s COPPA Safe Harbor Program  |

FTC and FBI Issue Compliance Reminder on Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act | National Law Review

The FTC is watching when your children’s toys are listening | The Hill


More political headbanging on encryption threatens privacy | TechCrunch

Putin passes law that will ban VPNs in Russia | Techcrunch

Apple’s Silence in China Sets a Dangerous Precedent  | The New York Times

Apple’s capitulation to China’s VPN crack-down will return to haunt it at home  | Techcrunch

UK home secretary Amber Rudd says ‘real people’ don’t need end-to-end encryption |  Business Insider

UK’s flip-flops on encryption don’t help anyone  | C|

RFIDs / Workplace Surveillance

Surveillance used to be a bad thing. Now, we happily let our employers spy on us  | The Guardian

Embedded chip on your shoulder? Some privacy and security considerations  |

Why The Company Putting ‘Chip’ Implants In Employees Isn’t Starting A Trend | Forbes

This Week in Data Breaches

HBO Hack: Data Breach Worse Than Sony Attacks, Full Episodes Stolen  | International Business Times

New Anthem data breach by contractor affects more than 18,000 enrollees |

Privacy News and Views for July 28

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Check out the August 4th Privacy Update:

Privacy News and Views for August 4th

July 28th Update:

Government Surveillance

Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill To Stop Police From Snooping On People Without A Warrant | The Daily Caller

Senate bill would stop police from obtaining emails and location data without a warrant | The Verge

Bipartisan Senate legislation would modernize digital privacy | Endgadget

US Surveillance Makes Privacy Shield Invalid | Human Rights Watch

Trump White House Plans to Revive Privacy Board | US News and World Report

Sen. Wyden Seeks Info on Email Intel Collection | Broadcasting & Cable

Trump voting commission wins right to collect state voter data | Ars Technica

President Trump’s voting commission again asks states for voter data, vows to protect records | Washington Post

Corporate Surveillance

Roomba’s Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder | Gizmodo

Your Roomba May Be Mapping Your Home, Collecting Data That Could Be Sold | New York Times

These cheap phones come at a price — your privacy | C|Net

Something Big Brother Would Love? A Company Will Implant Microchips in Employees | Fortune

Microchip Implants for Employees? One Company Says Yes | New York Times

Remember, You Are Being Tracked | The Telegram

Data Security

Stick with Security: FTC to Provide Additional Insights on Reasonable Data Security Practices |

Data Breaches In U.S. Allegedly Increasing at Record Pace  | Bloomberg Privacy and Data Security

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield – What’s Its Future? | Lexology

Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

We tested apps for children. Half failed to protect their data.  | Washington Post

Geolocation Privacy

Illinois Makes Moves on Geolocation Privacy | Lexology

Biometric Privacy

Mariano’s, Kimpton Hotels sued over alleged collection of biometric data: ‘It’s something very personal’   Chicago Tribune

This Week in Data Breaches

Kansas data breach gives hackers access to millions of Social Security numbers | Lawrence Journal World

Every Swedish car owners’ details may have leaked in explosive IT failure | ZDNet

Sweden data leak ‘a disaster’, says PM |

Hack on Italy’s largest bank affects 400,000 customers |

Wells Fargo Accidentally Releases Trove of Data on Wealthy Clients | New York Times