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Privacy News and Views for January 12

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Major CPU security flaw: What libraries need to know | Library Journal

Government Surveillance

House Votes to Renew Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Limits | New York Times

U.S. customs agents are searching more cellphones — including those belonging to Americans | Washington Post

How the government hides secret surveillance programs | Wired

Corporate Surveillance

How to tame household privacy threats from toys, TVs and more | CBS News

Consumer data power the information economy, but is more transparency needed? | American Enterprise Institute

Defining privacy in text messages – a step forward and maybe a step back | IAPP

 Students’ and Minors’ Privacy

Electronic Toy Maker VTech Settles FTC Allegations That it Violated Children’s Privacy Law and the FTC Act | FTC

NYPD subpoenas Google to obtain teen’s online history | New York Post


FBI chief calls unbreakable encryption ‘urgent public safety issue’ | Reuters

Law and Regulation

Top Data Governance Issues from 2017 and What to Watch in 2018 | National Law Review

How to Find Official Guidance on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) | National Law Review

Supreme Court Hears Side-By-Side Search Cases On Rental Cars And Driveways | NPR

This Week in Data Breaches

Jason’s Deli warns customers of possible data breach | Austin American Statesman

Elizabeth Warren’s bill would fine the next Equifax for data breach | C|Net

Privacy News and Views for December 29

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Technology  | The New York Times

New Consumers Union report catalogs the potential collateral damage from the crypto wars | BoingBoing

The Great Data Breach Disasters of 2017 | Gizmodo

Government Surveillance

Not Ready for  Takeoff:  Face Scans at Airport Departure Gates | Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology

Privacy Complaints Mount Over Phone Searches at U.S. Border Since 2011 | New York Times

Those airport cameras tracking your face my not be legal, study finds | Washington Post

Government User Data Requests From Facebook Increased in this Year’s First Half | Investor NewsWire

Corporate Surveillance

You may not know much about the companies exposing your personal information. But they know a lot about you. | Washington Post

Web Trackers Exploit Flaw in Browser Login Managers to Steal Usernames | Bleeping Computer

Law and Regulation

Public opinion often sets privacy standards for smart city tech| GT

FTC Hosts Workshop Highlighting Consumer, Industry, and Law Enforcement Perspectives on Informational Injury | National Law Review
              “Informational injury,” the harm consumers suffer due to privacy and data security breaches.

Ninth Circuit Panel Upholds Dismissal of VPPA Claim, But Creates Low Bar for Satisfying Article III | National Law Review

Ninth Circuit Weighs In On Scope of Identifiable Information under VPPA | JD Supra

This Week in Data Breaches

Data breach could affect Tallahassee utility customers | WCTV Tallahassee

Possible data breach at Jason’s Deli connected to card numbers for sale on ‘dark web’ | Big Country News (Abilene, TX)

Nissan Canada says customer data may have been compromised in data breach | Globe and Mail

Nissan Canada Breach: Over 1 Million Customers’ Data Leaked | IT Security Central